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Bilingual Support

 Communication strategies have become a lot more advanced with the help of Google and the internet. Looking for parts but don't speak English or have a hard time understanding? Send us an email in your native language and we will be able to translate the message and respond in the language you understand best. Sentences will not be perfect but we will be able to clearly communicate enough to supply you with correct parts.
Please provide your name, address, tractor model and engine model information along with the parts you are looking for and pictures if possible.
We respond to emails in less than 24 hours and will be able to fully quote and receive payment through e-mail exchange.

French -
Les stratégies de communication sont devenus beaucoup plus avancé à l'aide de Google et l'Internet . Vous cherchez des pièces mais ne parlent pas l'anglais ou qui ont du mal à comprendre le temps ? Envoyez-nous un e-mail dans votre langue maternelle et que nous serons en mesure de traduire le message et répondre dans la langue que vous comprenez le mieux. Les peines ne seront pas parfait, mais nous serons en mesure de communiquer clairement suffisant pour vous fournir les bonnes pièces .
S'il vous plaît fournir votre nom, adresse , modèle de tracteur et modèle de moteur d'informations avec les pièces que vous recherchez et photos si possible .
Nous répondons aux e-mails en moins de 24 heures et serons en mesure de pleinement devis et recevoir le paiement par échange d'e -mail .

Las estrategias de comunicación se han convertido en mucho más avanzado con la ayuda de Google y el Internet . Buscando partes pero no hablan Inglés o tienen dificultades para comprender ? Envíenos un correo electrónico en su idioma nativo y vamos a ser capaces de traducir el mensaje y responder en el idioma que usted entienda mejor . Las oraciones no serán perfectos , pero vamos a ser capaces de comunicar con claridad suficiente para suministrarle piezas correctas.
Por favor proporcione su información de nombre, dirección, modelo del tractor y modelo del motor junto con las piezas que usted está buscando y fotos si es posible.
Respondemos a los correos electrónicos en menos de 24 horas y seremos capaces de totalmente cita y recibir el pago a través de intercambio de correo electrónico .



Posted by Ken Betts
October 10, 2014
Tractor Fluids

 Looking to replace your fluids but not sure what to use?
We recommend for Hydraulic and Power Steering to use - AW32
Engine Oil - 15-40 or 20-40 weight Oil
Transmission - Front drive  - 80 or 90 weight

Have a question? Give us a Call 1-866-765-0110


Posted by Ken Betts
October 06, 2014
Need a new starter?

 Ordering a new starter can be fairly easy as long as you have the correct information. Tractor and Engine model information will always be required no matter what parts to you are needing to order. All Chinese built starters will have a small metal plate on the starter with information that will be require to get you a new starter.
Look for a number that starts with QD (ie QD 100C3) This number tells us the exact starter you have. If the number is not something that we are familiar with then we will need additional information.
For a list of starters we have please visit www.asiantractorparts.us and search under starters.
Additional info that may be asked for are: Number of teeth on starter, dimension between bolt holes, and diameter of the cone at the base. 
We are here to help if you have any questions or concerns about your starter. Call us today!


Posted by Ken Betts
October 02, 2014
Can I get a new Solenoid for my Starter?

 The factories in China have only made certain solenoids separate from the entire starter assembly. To know if we have a solenoid for your starter we will need the QD number off the starter. Pictures may also be require to ensure that the models are the same. Take a picture of both ends of the solenoid.
Unfortunately China has updated some of their starters and kept the same number. Making it difficult for us to rely strictly on numbers.  All of our starters will come with a solenoid to ensure that you will have a working starter in a couple days.
Send starter pictures to - info@asiantractorparts.com or call to find out the best number to text pictures to. You can also see a list of solenoids and starters at www.asiantractorparts.us 



Posted by Ken Betts
October 02, 2014
Can't find parts?

 Finding parts for Chinese built tractors is often very challenging. Most dealers do not deal with parts as well as tractors, meaning that their customers have to go else where to find parts. It may be near impossible for you to find parts locally due to dealers not being set up in every state/province or city. Here at Asian Tractor Parts we pride our selves on our strong customer relations that have been built through emails and phone calls. Our customers can count on us to supply the correct parts for their tractor along with top notch trouble shooting advice! We ship parts all over North America as well as world wide. Most parts are out the same day they are ordered and take 2-4 days to reach our customers. Once you notice something is wrong give us a call!
Because Chinese built tractors are not like North American Tractors, it is very important that you know as much as you can about your tractor. Find the model and engine model information before ordering your parts. If you are guessing at what you have then your parts distributor can only guess to. This becomes very costly for both parties and extends the amount of time your tractor will be out of commission. 
Chinese built tractors are reliable strong machines that are very cost effective. As long as you take care of your machine it will take care of you! 
We have a large selection of manuals that will help you not only order parts but help maintain your tractor to a high degree. 
If you have any questions please give us a call!




Posted by Ken Betts
September 25, 2014
What if we don't have your parts in stock?

 Here at Asian Tractor Parts we have one of the largest stock of Chinese built tractors parts in North America. On the rare occasion that your item is either out of stock or something that we don't normally stock, we can bring it in within 10-15 days. 
We have weekly shipments as well as large ocean freight shipments twice a year form the factories in China. 
We have created many relationships with the factories in China to ensure that your special order items are cost and time sensitive. We pride our selves on offering affordable and quick parts to our customers world wide. 
Contact us today to order your parts!


Posted by Ken Betts
September 25, 2014
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